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Thirdeye Magazine is currently operating solely online. Please subscribe to our RSS feed above, and keep in touch with us. Who knows, maybe someday the print edition will be back. You may contact us with any questions or comments here.


Thirdeye is a collective of artists dedicated to promoting positive social change through the use of creativity. We believe our global and local environments are malleable and can be reshaped to meet basic human needs worldwide. The first step is to use our gift of imagination to develop a new vision of the kind of society in which we want to live. We look forward to a new renaissance, a postindustrial era of freethinking, intellectualism, and spirit. The next stage in human evolution begins now.


Thirdeye Magazine was founded in 2004 by Jason and Mallory Glover. Along with Andrew Sekora and Sean Burke, the Glovers built Northern Michigan’s first submission-based, free community rag from scratch.

Things change. At the end of 2007, after 22 issues, the Thirdeye crew decided to destroy the print edition of the mag in exchange for the new online format. We still have back issues available through But we hope that you’ll check back and visit us here often as we keep posting socially-focused and art related content.

Thirdeye Publications is currently based in Portland, OR.


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