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Before submitting please download and review Detailed Formatting Guidelines.

Thirdeye magazine is always looking for creative submissions. Send us your artwork, photography, essays, articles, short stories, poetry, prose, music reviews, and more. If you have any questions on how to submit something please use the contact form. Pieces are judged on creativity, composition, and social message. There is no limit to the number of submissions you can send, in fact we encourage you to send many different pieces for us to choose from.

digital submissions

All pieces can be sent to us online at submissions (at) (don’t forget to replace the word ‘at’ with the symbol). Please make sure your digital image is a JPEG that is of exceptional quality. PDF files are also acceptable. Writing can be either pasted into the email, or attached as a word document.

submit by mail

Submissions will not be returned. You can burn your submission to CD, or snap a photo of your art on any camera and drop it in the mail. We do not recommend sending us originals and are not responsible for anything that may happen to them going through the mail. If you do want to send an original drawing please do not fold it. All entries can be mailed to:

Thirdeye Magazine
PO Box 8911
Portland, OR 97207