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You can help sponsor our work at Thirdeye Magazine by purchasing a banner advertisement to be displayed prominently throughout our site. We are currently offering ads on a sliding scale of $200-$400 per year, depending on what you can afford. If you are interested then please contact us.

We reserve the right to deny ad placement for any business that operates in an unethical manor. (That means you Nike!)

Ad Sizes

We currently only have one banner ad size available. Ads must be in either .gif or .jpeg format, a resolution of 72dpi, and a size of 200px x 150px. Contact for submission instructions.

Demographic Information caters to the young and the young at heart. Large numbers of our target audience are of high school and college age.This is a very important market, and it is especially vital to convince young people now of the virtues of spending their money at ethical businesses instead of chain stores and socially irresponsible multi-national corporations. Young people spend a large portion of their income on music, entertainment, clothing/fashion, and alternative sports – such as snowboarding and skateboarding.

The youth market is just a portion of who you’ll be reaching out to by placing an ad in our publication. Environmentalists and the peace and justice community are very interested in the breath of fresh air that Thirdeye provides. These are folks who are already trying to make an effort to support ethical/independent businesses, and Thirdeye is the perfect guide to products, shops, cafes, and services that conscious individuals can feel good about consuming.

Lastly, there are the artists. This creative class spans all age barriers and is always on the lookout for the latest in human ingenuity. They seek inspiration, art supplies, networking, and ethical places to relax and restore balance.

Age of Audience:

Age of avg. reader is 25
15 % are under 18
43% are 18 – 24
29% are 25 – 34
6% are 35 – 44
2% are 45 – 54

Reader Preference:

What’s really amazing about our readership is its interest in ethical and local products. A whopping 74% of Thirdeye readers consider the ethical implications of how the products they purchase are produced. 69% prefer to purchase products labeled Organic, and 71% prefer to purchase or services labeled as Fair Trade. Meanwhile, 84% are interested in local products and services, and 70% seek out independent artists, publishers, and producers when purchasing music or books.

Respondents indicated that in the past year 43% have purchased eco-friendly cleaning products, 83% have purchased recycled products, 51% have purchased energy efficient products, and 41% have purchased organic or ethically produced clothing.

Reader Interests:

As you can see, our readers are especially interested in the arts, particularly music. They are also very much involved in outdoor and culinary activities.

  • Music (listening or otherwise enjoying) – 85%
  • Music (performing) – 35%
  • Reading – 82%
  • Visual Arts (creating) – 55%
  • Visual Arts (viewing or otherwise enjoying) – 71%
  • Creative Writing – 48%
  • Performance Art – 15%
  • Dance -15%
  • Politics and Activism – 50%
  • Spiritual Practice – 33%
  • Yoga – 31%
  • Travel – 51%
  • Backpacking/Hiking – 77%
  • Running – 31%
  • Winter & Extreme Sports (snowboarding, skateboarding, skiing, mountain biking, etc.) -57%
  • Biking/Cycling – 40%
  • Camping – 52%
  • Cooking/Eating – 66%
  • Gardening – 28%
  • Home Remodeling – 20%