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Entries from March 18th, 2006

Masterful Manipulators

March 18th, 2006 · Written by · No Comments

Chances are you’re a product of psychological warfare. Overwhelmed by the failings of the fourth estate. Mainstream media outlets have been redesigned to distance and absolve the viewer from the repercussions of an administration’s actions. It’s always easier to feel good about a war when it’s witnessed vicariously.

It’s easier to agree with an educational policy a pundit’s been paid $241,000 to promote. […]

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Killer Robots

The Future of War: Part 1 of 3

March 3rd, 2006 · Written by · 1 Comment

Killer Robot

Time and again, intellectuals and artists alike have prophesized bleak futures for a race whose technology and hubris have far exceeded its wisdom. So, if the wet-dreams of futurists within the U.S. Department of Defense come to fruition — far-reaching ambitions to apply robotics in the battlefield, bioengineer the perfect soldiers, and command complete dominance of Space — let us not forget: we have been warned.

Robotic warfare. Part one of a three part series.

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Dangerous Distractions

March 3rd, 2006 · Written by · No Comments

How are we to expect this man to be aware? His life is an amalgamation; a twisted one with no synergy and little coherence. He spends almost nine hours preparing to leave for, traveling to, engaging in, and returning from work. Work itself is a self-contained reality with laws, relationships, hierarchies, and consequences entirely divorced from the outside world. There, the sun rises and sets based on things like dividends, profit margins, sales goals, and overhead.

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Controlled Descent

March 3rd, 2006 · Written by · No Comments


The last thing he remembers before boarding is her struggled cry. Forced. Propelled on a viscous sheen of illustrious longing, headed straight for his heart strings.

“Enosh, please,” her saline-polished eyes full of tears, she pleads, “don’t go.” […]

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