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July 24th, 2010 · Written by · No Comments

A life lived on the bleeding edge
Fragmented phantasms of failed attempts
At breaking out
At playing the escape artist

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Unrealistic Expectations

April 20th, 2008 · Written by · 3 Comments

The Saints

The fact of the matter is, we’re all lying to ourselves. We want to believe it’s possible to be holy. To feel divine. We sacrifice ourselves, put ourselves on the line, with the naïve notion it pleases some disembodied voice in the sky. We look to socially agreed upon models of exemplary “spiritual” human beings and attempt to replicate ad nauseam.

Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa.

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Home Sweet Home

July 4th, 2007 · Written by · 1 Comment

Home Sweet Home

Taking a swig of rum, Don revels in technological triumph. He calls it the Eagle’s Nest. Outfitted with state-of-the-art surveillance technology, from this central location he’s able to monitor every nook and cranny of his coveted 10,000 square feet and surrounding 200 acres. He had dropped a cool $500,000 on a high-end Knight Security system – complete with biometric checkpoints (iris, voice, thumbprint scanning), pressure mats, driveway and seismic sensors, wireless night-vision cameras, window screens that scream when cut, and a dozen[…]

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Feeding the Demon

May 3rd, 2007 · Written by · No Comments


An unrelenting self-projected psychosis
Filling up inner-cavities with shadow
A darkness
An unforgiving introspective tirade
The bandages are breaking apart
Applied haphazardly
No sense of permanence ever intended
Doled out with a daily routine of decadence

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Controlled Descent

March 3rd, 2006 · Written by · No Comments


The last thing he remembers before boarding is her struggled cry. Forced. Propelled on a viscous sheen of illustrious longing, headed straight for his heart strings.

“Enosh, please,” her saline-polished eyes full of tears, she pleads, “don’t go.” […]

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