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Entries from December 13th, 2007

The Cave of the Yellow Dog

Written & Directed by Mongolian Filmmaker Byambasuren Davaa

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Cave of the Yellow Dog

When at its best, cinema transports its audience to another time and place, freeing the throngs of weary cubicle-dwellers from the throes of their everyday existence. A film usually does this in one of two ways: by providing a penetrating look at our own world that is somehow more real than the reality it portrays, or by offering entry into a fantasy realm—a world of imagination recognizable by virtue of its being unrecognizable. The Cave of the Yellow Dog, a genre-blurring docudrama about a real family scratching out a traditional existence on the desolate plains of Mongolia, does both.

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Monkey Don’t

December 9th, 2007 · Written by · 1 Comment

The quadrennial quandary,
choosing between
the lesser of two lechers
as they bisect bilateral boundaries,
splitting atoms and Adams,
exporting Middle America
in the making of little Americas. […]

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Skunk: A Love Story

Justin Courter's Darkly Comedic First Novel

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Skunk: A Love Story feels familiar. One can smell, if you will, a trace of recognition. Our antisocial yet romantic protagonist falls in love, suffers betrayal, adopts a simpler life, and learns a few lessons along the way – all while dealing with substance addition. While these broad events have been tasted before, Skunk does offer something distinctive: Damien Youngquist, an intelligent and socially crippled middle-aged office worker, is addicted to skunk musk.

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