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Monkey Don’t

December 9th, 2007 · Written by · 1 Comment

The quadrennial quandary,
choosing between
the lesser of two lechers
as they bisect bilateral boundaries,
splitting atoms and Adams,
exporting Middle America
in the making of little Americas.

(They forgot where Omaha
and Toledo came from in the first place.)

Tracing leaden lines
on a masquerade map,
grids on a glow-lamp globe.
Trying to split the geo
from the political,
trying to loosen these foundlings
without paying the requisite fee.

Storing away their matchless marbles,
trying to divide the socio
from the economic,
never letting our children to dance,
not even in their hearts.

We’re dreaming under stripened skies,
waking up with spangled eyes.
Teach that choosing between
the lesser of two evils
makes us evil.

See no, hear no,

say no.

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  • armingtheamish

    great poem.

    “never letting our children to dance,
    not even in their hearts.”

    Do you think that is because even we are afraid to dance? As if no one was watching?

    i am.

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