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Dave Chung lightens moods with his off the wall paintings

September 3rd, 2007 · Written by · 2 Comments

A graduate of the College for Creative studies in Detroit, MI, Dave Chung enjoys using his artwork as an avenue to express those aspects of life that are meant to remain private.

“They’re usually circumstances that involve running out of toilet paper in the most urgent of situations,” explains Chung. “Or getting poked by a nose hair all day but thinking it’s a booger that you can’t seem to pick, which leads to you picking your nose all day. You know, all that good stuff…”

Chung hopes that his acrylic paintings – sometimes created on cardboard or wood – will give people reason to loosen up and smile for a minute.

The characters he creates are inspired by a childhood spent moving through different parts of Asia.

The characters he creates are inspired by a childhood spent moving through different parts of Asia. It wasn’t necessarily Asian culture that gave rise to his bold style, but mostly the Eastern penchant for cartoonish packaging.

“All those vibrant colors and crazy cartoon mascots trying to sell curry flavored deep fried squid chips with shredded sea-weed. So delicious. But I would have never wanted to try them if it wasn’t for the magically eye-catching graphics and use of color,” says the artist.

Chung currently lives and works out of a spare bathroom in his brother’s one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. He has shown his work in galleries and publications in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, Greece, Russia, and New Zealand.

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  • TrottyGal

    Interesting work… Definitely put a smile on my face! I can really relate to the whole picking nose thing.

  • marcdedealderman

    I like that he titles his art. I enjoyed looking at the pictures and thinking of a title before reading Chung’s.

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