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Elizabeth Kucinich

A Conversation on the Campaign Trail

January 13th, 2008 · Written by · 1 Comment

In regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, How much pressure is Dennis willing to put on Israel to force them to stop building settlements and the separation well on Palestinian land? Would he cut funding to Israel?

I read in a newspaper a couple days ago that the funding that’s now given to Israel is $2 billion a year with no conditions at all, and they can spend it on whatever they’d like. We saw in 2006 with the war on Lebanon just exactly what happens with that $2 billion. And Dennis is the only elected official from America to go South of the Litani river and see the devastation and destruction inflicted upon those people. We must stand up for the rights of all people. When brothers and sisters are killing one another it’s not up to you to decide which of the brothers and sisters survive, it’s up to you to bring them together. The US needs to stand as an honest broker of peace and not condemn one side against the other. We need to stand up for the rights of all. The right of Israel to survive and the right for Palestine to survive. We need to stand up to the lobbyists in Washington and consider cutting funding.

Dennis mentioned something about perhaps having Ron Paul as a running mate. Can you clarify this?

That is a misquote, but that’s fine. What Dennis was saying at a house party in NH was we need a government that can work together. My perfect vision for a government here would be a coalition government. Where people like Winona Laduke can be in charge of the department of the interior. Where you’ve got some of the more staunch Republicans who are strong on civil liberties standing in those positions. Where you’ve got people like Dennis, and possibly Ron Paul, working on issues like noninterventionism in international policy. It is very interesting to see who votes the way Dennis does. There are very few people that voted against the Patriot Act. There are very few people who voted against the war on Iraq and continue to vote against funding the war on Iraq. Ron and Dennis did all of those things. So we’ve got to come to a point where we can come together and recognize where we differ greatly and know where we can never work together, but still find common ground and work together in constructive ways.

There are very few people that voted against the Patriot Act. There are very few people who voted against the war on Iraq and continue to vote against funding the war on Iraq. Ron and Dennis did all of those things.

So when Dennis made a comment about Ron Paul being a potential running mate, that was only one of a number of people he talked about. And it’s really important to see the underlying philosophy of the comment was that we need to start working collectively to bring the country together. In a Works Green administration, with the right kinds of people in the right departments, imagine what could happen.

How do you respond when you’re out campaigning and people claim that Dennis is not running a viable campaign or is not a realistic candidate for the presidency? What is your motivation for sticking with it to the end?

I think people have to understand it’s time to have a president who’s qualified for the job, who votes correctly on legislation, and a president who speaks up and is a leader. When people say we’re not running a viable campaign you have to ask yourself: Who put that out there? Where does that thought come from? I think what we have to do is throw the question back at people.

I can sit here and tell you that Dennis is running a fabulous campaign, that he’s the strongest voice, that he’s the most courageous voice, and I can do my whole selling pitch, but unless you understand where your conditioning comes from, we can never get to that point of being true to ourselves. We have to wake up as a country. We have to understand why, for example, why is it that NBC would choose not to have Dennis in their debate? Why would they refuse to ever cover our campaign, whereas Fox does? Why would they do that? Well, NBC is owned by GE, one of the largest defense contractors. Why would they want to cover somebody that wants to challenge national security issues? You have to really look deeply into these questions about the mind control and conditioning that is going on out there.

Dennis is the one who is actually the most viable candidate.

Dennis is the one who is actually the most viable candidate. Not because he is right all the time, but because his positions are what most represent the base of the Democratic party. People want an end to the war immediately, that’s why we had the changeover of the House in 2006. People want a single payer healthcare system that gets the insurance companies out of the equation. They understand that we need to do something about NAFTA. The basic building blocks of the party, the mass of people, they understand that. But we’ve got party officials that don’t stand for the same ideals, and we’ve got a media that undermines those ideals by saying: That candidate that you really love – you know, the one who really resonates the truth, the one who’s really courageous, the one who votes they way you would if you were in Congress – well, you know, that one’s not viable. So tell you what, why don’t you go for this celebrity that we’ve just created. You know, the celebrity that Time Warner created before he was actually going to run. The one who’s going to be the first of one thing or another…

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  • Jolly Lama

    Wow – what an awesome interview this must have been. Kucinich is, and always has been (ok, since 2004) my vote. He just makes perfect sense. What is it that keeps us all from getting behind him? Oh yeah, I forgot, he saw a UFO. Damn you aliens!!!

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