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Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss It [The Truth]

July 4th, 2007 · Written by · No Comments

Screams erupt from beneath our lead heel
That will not be silenced with another dollar bill.
The façade of our benevolence falls to reveal
A brutal corporate army moving in for the kill.
With economic warfare we do our fathers proud,
Mowing down their children without firing a round.
For God and country, we suffocate the weak.
For faith and family, we steal the bread they eat.
We claim that we’re protecting our cherished way of life,
But never bother asking if our way is even right.
Then with the head of an eight year old centered in our sight,
We pull the trigger back and continue the fight.

It’s hard to hear the cries of the innocent
Over the lies we’re told by the government,
But failing to act upon their behalf
Has made us as guilty as their killers.

While we broadcast empty promises of bountiful relief,
Panic tears through villages with nothing left to eat.
Then after bodies of the dead are littering the streets,
We send them aid ‘cause after all the battle is complete.
Now we have a satellite to nurture and to train.
Then in a while we’ll leave it so much better than we came.
The loss of life is tragic but we’re not the ones to blame;
The fire of good intentions is impossible to tame.
The world’s a better place now than it’s ever been before,
And killing isn’t killing if you know what you’re killing for.
Death is a byproduct of each and every war.
It’s only a coincidence the casualties were poor.

State sponsored homicide.
Merciless infanticide.
Economic genocide.
We think it’s justified.

Don’t Blink

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