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It’s Time to Evolve

September 3rd, 2007 · Written by · No Comments

Let’s be humbly honest. We don’t really know what folks are describing when they use words like God or Allah or Oneness. None of us can be absolutely sure if the beliefs entire afterlives are gambled on are the least bit valid. And even assuming the unlikely scenario that one of the world’s religions is right about everything it purports, what are the odds that you’re lucky enough to be counted among its adherents? Certainly not very high, considering the number of possible choices.

Why then are most of us so sure about things we can’t possibly be sure about? […]

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Frat House Planet Earth

March 3rd, 2007 · Written by · No Comments

Imagine regaining consciousness after some no-holds-barred, drink-yourself-into-a-coma, fall-asleep-in-your-own-fluids kind of party. It was fun while it lasted, but now your head aches as you surveil the dilapidated remains of last night’s hoopla. Sunday-afternoon doldrums dissolve any remembrance of dopamine-driven delight.

Picture that hollow, morning-after aftertaste. The realization that maybe, just maybe, you took things too far. […]

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Allergic Reaction

The Adverse Effects of the Free Market

November 3rd, 2005 · Written by · No Comments

Allergic Reactions

When Thomas Jefferson determined the “pursuit of happiness” to be one of humankind’s unalienable rights, he could not have foreseen the consequences of dangling this elusive proverbial carrot under the noses of subsequent generations. For the average proponent of free market economics, and by extension the average consumer, this phrase is synonymous with the accumulation of capital. If this notion were rooted in truth, one would expect the beneficiaries of the most successful marketplace in history – the American middle-class – to be living in a veritable state of pure ecstasy.

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