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America’s Auto-Addiction

How our car culture ravages the psyche, community, and the natural world

March 19th, 2008 · Written by · 1 Comment


Cars, cars, everywhere. From the shores of Hawaii to the mountains of New Mexico to the hamlets of northern Michigan, cars and trucks of all shapes and sizes, running rampant down the streets, possessing highways, monopolizing avenues, pompously pushing their way down lanes, drives, places, and boulevards. Running over pedestrians, bicyclists, and each other. Belching carbon dioxide, spewing oil, gluttonously guzzling gasoline, shedding rubber, metal, glass, and plastic. Shrieking, rumbling and carelessly careening in various directions at multiple speeds. […]

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Strip Mall Mentality

March 3rd, 2007 · Written by · No Comments

Sprawl Kite

The underground comic godfather R. Crumb, drew a twelve-paneled comic in 1979 entitled “A Short History of America.” The first panel shows a forest on the edge of a field, green and lush with a flock of birds across a blue sky. By the last panel the forest is gone and the field obliterated. In its place are metal lamp poles, multilayered telephone wires and posts, a crowd of street signs and billboards, cement sidewalks, asphalt paved streets and parking lots, a traffic jam of hulking cars, TV antennas, apartment complexes, one exceedingly small patch of token greenery, and a question in the bottom right corner asking “What Next?” […]

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Sam I Am

November 4th, 2006 · Written by · No Comments

“Wal-Mart,” a proponent of nuclear armaments and state-sanctioned torture told me recently, “is the embodiment of everything good about America.”

To his credit, this was a former employee of the company who appreciated their diverse hiring practices. He touted the standard mantra of any big-business apologist. Low prices. Job opportunities. Convenience.

Maybe years of watching that bouncing yellow smiley face spout peppy PR BS impeded his ability to notice the irony in selecting this blue behemoth as a metaphor for American life. For beneath the glossy façade of corporate accountability and exemplary capital gain lurks the true face of brand USA. […]

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