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Feeding the Demon

May 3rd, 2007 · Written by · No Comments

An unrelenting self-projected psychosis
Filling up inner-cavities with shadow
A darkness
An unforgiving introspective tirade
The bandages are breaking apart
Applied haphazardly
No sense of permanence ever intended
Doled out with a daily routine of decadence
An odor of objectivity
Kept at arms length
Procured and postulated
Cynicism’s inky cousin
Comforting without granting solace
These patterns are tired
Stretched to the vanishing point
Hanging in balance
By a million tiny threads
Spinning away through space
The knowledge of connectivity
Compared to notions of narcissism
Descending into doubt
World-views wrench apart
Forming fictitious passion-plays
The pursuit of purity lost in futility
Grounded by ego
The greater composite of being
Coming to terms with its place
In the scheme of things
Reaching backward through molted doorways
Seeking communion
A holy merger with vanquished memories
Refusing to be ignored
Everything once embodied
Is bleeding away
Everything ever accomplished
Achieved in vain
Extinguished in pleasure
Numbed into submission
For just one more day


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